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Animaker is a DIY video making app that makes extremely simple and generally low quality videos that o apparently uses to create animations, similar to GoAnimate. The free version of this app imposes a watermark on all videos made with it, which is clearly visible in the lower right corner of each video in CaNWC.

While it appears that o has since updated his animation software to something more professional, the watermark remains, and appears to have some real presence in the world of CaNWC itself. Both Rose Lalonde and Kanaya Maryam have some degree of awareness of it when it is present, existing on the edge of their peripheral vision, but only know it as some "purple thing" that can be in multiple places at once. Hecka Jef on the other hand is able to look directly at it, pick it up, and even utilize it in combat. In fact, he even has the program installed on his computer, although the program itself wasn't created until 2014.

Animaker was destroyed by Rose Lalonde, which disrupted Whyte Wordes Guy's view of her through his television.


  • When Animaker was destroyed, Rose held its pieces in her hand. The letter in her left hand spelled "Makin," a prominent Homestuck fan who moderates the subreddit and organized the Cool and New Music Team.
  • o now uses OpenToonz, according to this post. Likewise, he uses to draw.