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Vrasky Sekret, also known by her Trollian handle acranidGrid, is a very important troll that tells Jhon Ebgret what to do.



Vrasky was created through ectobiology, which was actually done by her future-self. According to the instructions of Whyte Wordes Guy though, she added in "imprortance juice" to her own creation, allowing her to become an omnidaddy.


Final Agent approached Vrasky one day and told her stories about becoming the omnidaddy over all the trolls. Fascinated by this idea, he also left her with the mindprober and the magic cue ball, allowing her to read the thoughts of trolls to tell when they've been naughty.

Doc Scratch apparently interfered with this plan by turning Vrasky into the next Snoman, giving her the ability to teleport and tying her existence to the fate of the universe.

Using these gifts, Vrasky discovered that Aradead Megadie had been trying to daddy Sollecks Copter. To punish this, Vrasky spanked Aradead to death.

Final Agent was upset by this and ripped off one of Vrasky's arms and stabbed her in one eye, dominating her as her new daddy, much to her shame. Through this domination, Final Agent controls all the other trolls by extension.

As a daddy, Vrasky gave out a number of punishments, such as forcing Terexi to wear unironic red glasses for killing fantrolls, and grounded Kraket for being rude. When he left anyway, she found him with Petpeta, knocked him out with her robot arm. When Vrasky was then informed by her magic cue ball that Terexi was punishing more fantrolls, Vrasky forced her to stare into the sun until blind.


Ordered by Final Agent to have all the trolls play a session of Sburb, Vrasky began to organize all the trolls together. Vrasky left to play and make out with Papaya. They were interrupted by Gametez, so Vrasky teleported Papaya to Equihorse's hive to work in piece.

She then set up Papaya as her server player, and left to use Gametez' hive to enter herself. Here she would find the ghost of Aradead, who prototyped herself as Vrasky's sprite.

Vrasky entered into Land of Joojoos and Vrasky, a planet shaped like her face. Thanks to a series of hive-swaps, Vrasky was not able to have her five two-player sessions as she desired, but instead set up one ten-player session. Vrasky becomes Petpeta's server player.



Vrasky manipulated Jagk Nore into punishing Petpeta, who had been trying to daddy Kraket. She also witnessed Petpeta being killed by Kobobo Obobob, the last remaining fan troll.

Under orders from Daddy Milkshake, she ordered Fefieri Pepsis to pass a law for all trolls in their original universe to die, leading to the destruction of Harold and the extinction of their race.

She instructed Papaya to build up her hive to the first gate, or rather Gametez's hive, allowing her to transport to the Land of Rays and Froges. She used the threat of punishment to make Papaya swap the troll hives back to their respective owners.

After knocking Smupp8deadsweazelpsprite^4 away from Sensoredsprite, Vrasky made out with Papaya some more, who gifted her with the Snoman hat given by a Whyte Wordes Guy.


Vrasky had to stop being relevant for a minute though to use the bathroom. During this time, Aradead became more relevant than her by turning into Godhead Aradia. This infuriates Vrasky, who tries and fails to punish her, with Papaya's space powers and Wittle Cal being ineffective against her. Vrasky laments the difficulties and responsibilities she faces as a daddy.

Once the Wreckining began, Vrasky teleported to the session's ectobiology lab to create the trolls, taking special care to make herself an omnidaddy with imprortance juice. She ate one of the trolls, but only one of them.

She then became the Blapck Kink's daddy by shouting at him and ordered him to surrender. He did, and then she killed him. She joined the rest of the trolls on the victory platform, she decided to punish the trolls for being naughty. She commanded Equihorse to exile Kobobo, makes Terexi put her glasses back on, deems Fefieri, Papaya, Equihorse and Gametez "ok". She also lets Sollecks stay, but makes him stand in the corner. Next, she attempts to punish Aradia with a BIG GUN, but fails, prompting her to kill Dabros out of anger. Finally, she punishes Kraket by commanding Equihorse to exile Jagk. Kraket is angered by this, and calls Vrasky out for her abusive behavior. Vrasky commands Equihorse to exile him in retaliation, but Vrasky accidentaly says that she commanded Jagk to kill Petpeta. Enraged, Equihorse grabs Vrasky. In Vrasky's moment of weakness, Sollecks tells everyone about how Final Agent dominated Vrasky and became her daddy, turning Fefieri and Terexi away from Vrasky. Equihorse exiles Vrasky.



Like Eridan, Vrasky has somehow found a way to return to Alternia and is acting as the Felt​'s eighth member Snoman. In an alternate timeline, she stabbed both of Spdaes Sleck's eyes and walked away. Like the original Snowman, killing her would destroy the A2 universe. This connection also helps explain why she was in cahoots with Doc Scratch in having Jhon play RCT.

Back in the original timeline, Snoman whips Spdaes Sleck several times as punishment for killing all the Green Guys. She then locks him in Lord English's vault, putting him in time-out.

Personality and Traits[]


Vrasky still seems to be a huge bitch, bluh bluh, but her obsession with being important and relevant has been highly simplified, bossing Jhon around to do even the most simple of things, like going upstairs.

Vrasky acts as a daddy to a large number of characters. However, this also acts partly as her secret shame, as she was herself dominated by Final Agent. She is horribly embarrassed by this since daddies aren't meant to have their own daddies.

Vrasky views her role as daddy as a selfless responsibility, teaching people to not be "naughty." In her own words, "MY LIFES SO FR8CKIN HARD!!!!!!!! WHY CANT EV8RYONE JUST DOES EVERYTHING I SAY ALWAYS!!!!!!!!"

Boss of Loop's[]

In CaNWC, Vrasky's classpect is the Boss of Loop's, rather than the Thief of Light. As a fan aspect and classpect, the exact meaning is largely left to speculation. Rather than analyzing the classpect to understand Vrasky, we can analyze Vrasky to understand the classpect.

The Boss class is shared with Jhon Ebgret, the Boss of Wheels. With Jhon, it seems to be a direct reference to Rollercoaster Tycoon. He becomes a boss in an economic sense, building his own theme park, collecting money from guests, and so on. Vrasky doesn't really have any explicit business connections though.

However, both Vrasky and Jhon are fixated on being Daddies for a large number of people, with Vrasky also being Jhon's daddy. With Vrasky being an "omnidaddy," this actually puts her in charge of all troll society, since she is the daddy of Emperess Fefieri Pepsis.

Both Vrasky and Jhon are extremely self-obsessed. With Jhon, this is usually seen in the abusive relationships he carries on, and the excuses he gives for hurting others like Swet Bro. Vrasky takes this to an even further extreme. She is obsessed with being "relevant" and "important," and even her planet turns out to be just a giant copy of her face. Vrasky tries to be the cause of most major events whenever she can, like being in charge of ectobiology, leading Jhon to installing Sburb, tying her existence to the universe's existence as the Snoman, and so on.

Given the trend of domination and control here, a reasonable interpretation of the Boss could be "one who manages their aspect, or one who manages through their aspect."

The Aspects of Wheels and Loop's tend to be a bit more mysterious. They seem to be opposing aspects, and both seem to be related to rollercoasters in some way. A rollercoaster car needs to follow the track that was laid out for it through twists and turns in a giant loop. This might parallel Vrasky ordering Jhon around. Loops seem to have a more direct connection with Vrasky though in her obsession with the number 8, and with being the omnidaddy represented by the infinity symbol ∞. She also has a tendency to punish people with her whip, which often seems to be looping around. Vrasky also gained significant power thanks to the Whyte Wordes Guys, allowing her to teleport to wherever she needed to be and gain information on everyone.

The Loop's aspect might represent cycles. It directs others along a set path, or could be a self-reinforcing system. Vrasky's creation of a vast system to reinforce her sense of importance certainly seems to fit this. She is creating a self-perpetuating and reinforcing system.

In that case, the Boss of Loop's might be interpreted as the "manager of enforcement, or one who manages through enforcement."


  • Vrasky lost her eye and arm in a [S] Make Her Pay-esqe event, as Final Agent became her daddy in order to use her for the Final Agent's own MISTERIOUS AJENDAS..............
  • Kanaya Maryam believes Vriska to be dead at the hands of the two demons invading their session. She is likely unaware that Vrasky became Snoman.
  • Hecka Jef has also lost his left eye and arm.
  • "Sekret" is a corrupt spelling for "secret."
  • Originally there was a page where Vrasky went crazy over her Consorts being racially unambiguous, with the page in question featuring large letters spelling “RACIALLY UNAMBIGUOUS.” Later on, o changed it to say “CAUCASIAN".
  • Vrasky saying she is important is a possible reference to Hussie's book commentary in the original Make Her Pay, where he says that "[she is] a figure of someone who is going to demand center stage from now on, and who won't take no for an answer, no matter how many times the narrative tries to point the camera at something else."